Operating Space

Having enough operating space is one of the most critical factors in material handling operations. The reality is that if you don’t have enough space to operate, you are going to experience inefficiencies and it will hurt your bottom line. Elite Supply Chain Solutions offers answers to our clients who are struggling with their current operating space. Consider this:

Operating Ladder

  • Are your shipping and receiving docks cramped and cluttered?

  • If your docks are undersized for the function they have to perform,then the result is cramped and cluttered spaces that make it difficult to move inventory in and out of your warehouse.

  • Are you paying for off-site storage?

  • When existing inventory levels are larger than what you can put in the building, businesses are forced to rent facilities, pay additional labor costs, compensate for increased utilities, and suffer from a decreased bottom line.

  • Do you store inventory in your aisles?

  • Inventory that is out of place or blocking other supplies creates a mass of inefficiency. Time has to be spent moving pallets which creates the need for extra labor and takes extra time.

  • Do you have overhead space not being fully utilized?

  • Though your floor space may be crowded, your overhead space may be completely empty, leaving you with unexercised options.
    The material handling experts at Elite Supply Chain Solutions can work with you to help correctly utilize the operating space you have to increase efficiency and your profitability. Contact us today!