Layout & Design

Proper layout and design is something that can always be improved in material handling businesses. Knowing that information and products are flowing smoothly in and out of the warehouse allows your business to achieve goals with less effort. Here are some core issues that we consider during our layout and design service phase:blueprint

  • Are your work areas in the right location?

  • Work areas that are away from where orders are being packed and shipped can cause inefficiencies and decreased profits.

  • Do you have main travel aisle and separate access aisles?

  • Well planned aisles reduce travel time and increase operational profitability.

  • Do you have obstructions to your work flow?

  • Obstructions can consist of everything from break rooms and bathrooms in the middle of the facility to inventory left unattended near packing stations.

  • Do you have main aisles perpendicular to each other?

  • Adding equipment over time can cause shifts that impact work flow. Starting a layout aligned north to south and adding equipment that works east to west causes disruption to flow and safety issues.

  • Do you have separate stocking aisles and picking aisles?

  • If your stocking and picking aisles aren’t separated, it forces your company to work on two different shifts which adds cost to your operations.
    Layout and design issues are a specialty of Elite Supply Chain Solutions. From new installations to the redesign of existing facilities, our team of experienced material handling professionals will work with your organization to create smooth flow that drives profits.