Inventory Storage

Inventory that is not stored correctly is clearly one of the biggest drains on material handling operations. Here are some of the common situations that we see:

  • Do you have small parts stored in large racks?

  • Putting small parts in a large rack wastes space. When inventory is not in the appropriately sized storage equipment, it creates a ripple effect, costing you additional time in labor as items are located and issues with damaged parts are resolved.

  • Do you have “Pallet Stew” – many part numbers on one pallet?

  • If your team has to spend their valuable work hours searching for parts on a pallet containing multiple items, it is clearly a waste of time and a waste of space. Having to hunt and search is an efficiency killer.
     Oil & Automotive Inventory

  • Do you need equipment to get to your parts?

  • Parts stored way above where anyone can get to them can cause a variety of safety issues and can cause inefficiency.

  • Do you have a “one size fits all” storage system?

  • In today’s challenging material handling environment, a singular storage solution simply cannot respond to the needs of an organization.
    Any of these situations sound familiar? If so, call Elite Supply Chain Solutions so that we can assist you with customized inventory storage that increases organization and safety.