Operational efficiencies can be radically improved or complicated by the equipment that is present in a business that moves inventory. Having the right equipment in the right place can make all the difference. Elite Supply Chain Solutions uses these questions to guide our equipment recommendations:

  • Are labor costs growing faster than profits?

  • Are people doing things that machines and software can do? One of the first indicators that you need equipment is when labor costs start to rise. Carefully selected equipment is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate labor to take your organization to the next level of profitability.

  • Are associates traveling more than performing their tasks?

  • Excessive travel can dampen any efforts your company has put toward efficiency. Equipment can make travel more efficient or even eliminate travel entirely.

  • Do you use ladders to get to inventory?

  • When parts are stored out of the way, it increases travel time and safety issues. Equipment that can move the parts may be the best solution.

  • Do you deal with work-place safety and Workman’s Comp issues?

  • If your insurance claims are out of control, then properly selected and placed equipment can keep your people safe.
    Having the right equipment in the right location can decrease travel time, labor costs and Workman’s Comp claims. If you are looking for custom equipment solutions, contact Elite Supply Chain Solutions today to speak with one of our expert project managers.