Automation & Technology

Using proven and reliable technology can be one of the quickest ways to redefine your material handling business and your position in today’s challenging business environment. What are some of the issues we evaluate during a site visit? Consider these:

  • Are routing decisions made manually?

  • Bar code, RFID and vision systems technologies can increase efficiency and can automate many routingAutomation and Technologydecisions.

  • Are associates performing repetitive functions?

  • When employees are picking the same parts over and over again all day long, they experience burnout and frustration. These functions can be automated in order to free up human resources to do more complex jobs which will allow you to develop in-house talent.

  • Do you experience multiple touches of products?

  • Each time a product is touched adds time to the handling process. Properly placed technology can reduce these touches to a reasonable, efficient level.

  • Is your data and information highly accurate?

  • Understanding your inventory levels can be a critical operation in today’s competitive environment. Knowing what you have on hand and how much you need can drive profits.
    Automation and technology can play a significant role in streamlining material handling applications. Contact us today to discuss how your organization can benefit from carefully deployed automation and technology solutions.